The Thimble Joy Story

Thimble Joy started as a simple side hobby for Sarah in 2017. With a modest Etsy shop and a loyal Instagram following, the sales were coming in! In just a few short month she realized there was a lot of potential behind this business. With the help and encouragement from one of her most treasured mamas, and lots of coffee, Thimble Joy made its official launch in the Fall of 2018. 

"Thimble" refers to sewing and hand designed products, and "Joy" is a reference to the joy found in creating beautiful pieces as well as getting to enjoy those finished products. As a company we pride ourselves in creating quality products while preserving the environment, encouraging sustainability, and giving back to our community. 

Hillary Ballard

Sarah Carabelos

Sarah was born in Southern California, and moved to Colorado at the age of 12. Ever since that move her heart has been torn between her undying love for the ocean and her awe of the Colorado Rockies. Sarah wears a lot of hats as a small business owner and full time student, but her two favorite hats are wife to her first "babe" Zachary and mom to her two little babes, Avery and Harper.


Whether it's the stereotypical stay-at-home mom day playing with dinosaurs and baking with the kids, to coordinating business meetings, to writing papers, Sarah has a huge passion for loving on people and encouraging them to follow their passions. Thimble Joy has been the perfect opportunity to do so many of the things she loves all at once and it is her hope that this business allows people to love on one another more.