We are proud to partner with organizations who are making a difference in their communities and to support them by donating 10% of every purchase!

Thimble Joy is proud to donate 10% of all profits to non-profit organization

Thimble Joy is honored to partner with One Heart World-Wide for our Fall 2018 Collection. You can learn more about this incredible organization by visiting www.oneheartworld-wide.org

One Heart Worldwide

One Heart World-Wide (OHW) is a 501(c)(3) organization with over 15 years of experience implementing maternal and neonatal mortality prevention programs in areas where women often die alone at home giving birth.


"Our aim is to improve access to, and utilization of healthcare services to reduce the risk of maternal and neonatal mortality in the most remote, rural areas. We believe that all women and newborns can receive the quality healthcare services they deserve during pregnancy and childbirth, anytime and anyplace."

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Giving back to our communities is so incredibly important. We know what organizations we are passionate about, but we want to hear from you! In the years to come, we will be continually looking for new organizations. If there is a non-profit that holds a place in your heart, please tell us about it!