Organic "Let Kindness Take Root" Toddler Tee

Organic "Let Kindness Take Root" Toddler Tee


We believe that all parents should have the chance to dress their little ones in sweet clothes without compromising quality or fair trade labor practices. These adorable toddler tees are made from 100% organic cotton, have official fair trade certification, and are hand printed. 


**Due to COVID manufacturing restrictions and delayed supply shipping, orders placed between August 19, 2020-September 18, 2020 are a PREORDER and will ship in 6-10 business days from initial order, thank you for your understand + patience supporting our family shop!**


    One of the many benefits of organic cotton is its incredible durability! All of our materials and clothing pieces are pre-washed with an all natural laundry detergent on a gentle, cold cycle - and we encourage you to do the same! If your little one gets a stain on their piece, first try treating the stain with cold water and white vinegar. If that does not do the trick, use non-chlorine based removers. Tumble dry on a low setting or air dry to ensure your piece lasts as long as possible. 



    • All-natural and chemical free laundry soap
    • Wash on cold, gentle cycle
    • Tumble dry on low (air dry bows and bow ties)

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